We are very proud of our curriculum at Charlton Horethorne Primary School. We have taken a long time to create an exciting and challenging programme of work for our students and we are constantly considering what we teach and how we teach it.

What we teach

Our curriculum covers all the areas of study in the National Curriculum including Religious Education. However, we have recognised that, in everyday life, we rarely use our knowledge in isolated little chunks. For example, planning a trip or buying groceries both involve several processes and it is the same with our curriculum. Children see much more relevance in a broad, problem solving approach to work. So, we have taken all the National Curriculum subjects and combined them in a two year rolling programme of cross-curricular topics. Each topic has a main theme such as “Power” which looks at life in Victorian times. Within this topic we study the British Empire and its worldwide influence (geography) and we study how steam power allowed industry in Britain to flourish and enabled transport to develop rapidly (science). Our topics also incorporate English, maths, ICT and other traditional subjects.

Our topics are differentiated, acknowledging the different ability levels of our students. Each topic also contains challenges which extend the learning and allow the children to apply their knowledge into new areas. We use these challenges to assess the student’s understanding of a subject.

This Autumn term our classes are studying:

Ladybirds Class:

Bees Class:

Dragonfly Class:



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