Remote Learning


DfE Remote-Learning-Provision-January-2021

Remote Learning Guidance- From Sept 2020

Remote-Learning-Policy Letter to Parents- Remote Learning Plan

It is our view that children work incredibly hard at school and need time at home to assimilate the information they have learned during the day and enjoy other activities. Generally, our homework tasks focus on the consolidation of the acquisition of key skills in English and Maths and a range of creative tasks, linked to topic learning.

What is the purpose of home learning? 

• To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, particularly in English and Maths

• To provide opportunities for parents and children to work together

• To extend school learning and allow parents to gain an understanding of what children are    learning in school

• To allow children to progress towards becoming more independent learners

Our approach for each class is set out as follows:

At the present time (Autumn 2020) we will be sending home reading and a topic home learning project for all of our children.  The amount of home learning will increase throughout the year as children increase their learning stamina after a long period away from school. Please see our topic home learning letters below.

LADYBIRDS- Parent Leaflet- Splendid Skies- Autumn 2 BEES- Parent Leaflet- Burps, Bottoms and Bile- Autumn 2 DRAGONFLIES-Parent Leaflet- A Child's War- Autumn 2



The presentations below are revision home learning.  There is 10 days worth of work here available for each class.   This are only to be used if a child is at home isolating due to Covid 19.  You will be further instructed by Mr Sales or your class teacher if you need to access these.

EYFS-Home Learning Revision-10 Days Years-1&2-Home Learning Revision-10 days Bee Class-Home Learning Revision-10 Days Dragonfly Class-Home Learning Revision-10 Days

If children would still like to access additional home learning, please click the link below for some useful websites, many of which we have used before.