Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading

Phonics and early reading are an integral part of our curriculum at this is at the forefront of curriculum

In EYFS and Key Stage 1 we put a large emphasis on the importance of phonics and reading. We follow letters and sounds throughout our Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage classes. We use Phonic Readers and the Oxford Reading Tree books as our reading scheme.

Your child’s reading experience is much more than the reading book which comes home from school. Reading is happening all the time. We teach it in specific reading and English lessons, but children are practising and using their ‘reading’ constantly across all other subjects too. You can support this ‘reading journey’ through regular reading at home. Reading to and with your child every evening for at least ten minutes can make a dramatic difference to your child’s achievement within school.

Six tips for reading with your child at home:

1. Make time to read- even ten minutes a day
2. Choose different types of books
3. Take turns to read
4. Talk about the book- asking your child questions
5. Pay attention to the language
6. Enjoy reading

Reading Scheme

We base our reading scheme primarily on Oxford Reading Tree but your child may be a ‘Free Reader’ meaning that they can choose freely from our class and library ranges suitable to their age and ability. Please read our most up to date parent letter about our reading scheme. Your child will bring home 2-3 reading books from our scheme a week.

Useful Books

We do get asked all the time about books that may be suitable for your child at their age or stage. Please do use the lists below to help guide you. Please also let us know if we can add any more to our lists!
Foundation Book List
Y1 Book List
Y2 Book List

Y3-Reading-List Y4-Reading-List Y5-Reading-List Y6-Reading-List


More ideas can be found through the Love Reading For School Website:


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