Last Minute Tag Rugby

Tournament Report- By Andrea Rogers

A last minute opportunity presented itself and the year fives found themselves in a tag rugby tournament on Friday afternoon.

The fun begins, the sun is out and the first of three games starts. Henric makes a play, Faye’s there and a point/try is scored. Not a touch down, tut tut. Elsie jumps, looks slightly stunned and catches the ball then passes it to Amy, Toby and Gilly are learning fast but losing tags left right and centre. Marcel is starting to shine but it’s hard to remember to throw backwards! Catherine springs up from nowhere and storms around the pitch.The whistle blows. Off we go to practice! Mr Bartle is running after us- dear lord it’s only half time. We continue and a brave effort sees us lose 3-1.

I notice the second team have been daring each other to eat daisies but I’m not going to say anything. So it’s the daisy eaters against the Charlton Chargers again. Bam, Marcel is there with an outstanding body block (we are not sure that is allowed but three mums are cheering anyway and Mrs Watkins is looking like maybe she is regretting inviting us on the school outing). Mr Sales rocks up and shouts some helpful hints to Gilly, he isn’t wearing the correct shoes so sticks to sideline tactics. There are glimmers of progress then a shout of “pass backwards!!” The expert ‘Dad’ is not impressed with the Ref! Finally Marcel is fast enough to power through and score a point. It’s a blur what the score is but we are resilient and the daisy eaters had some speedy runners. Catherine is shaping up to be a formidable player, Henric and Faye have the speed Toby and Gilly have the wings and Marcel sees the play and goes for it and Amy and Elsie are solid and don’t give up.

Third game- our team are now experts at rolling down the hill but that’s not going to help us here! So the Horethorne Hill rollers are back, REF!!!! TMO required! Even the helpers don’t know why we are not given the points!  Go Faye! Second point denied. Catherine tries to take the ref out, something to cheer about, the mums are screaming, we are holding back expert dad.Lines don’t hold Marcel in, something we need to work on! Its Amy yes yes yes! No no no.  Tie that girls hair back!
Catherine’s there! Toby is doing his shoe laces up. Faye is running looking for  space. Gilly is totally covered in mud. Does anything stop Elsie smiling, Henric is looking desperate. It’s all over, cheers all round. The team played there hearts out. We are all proud but one thing to take away with us …..RUN FORWARD.PASS BACKWARDS.


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