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Fantastic Football!

Well done to our incredible football team, who fought bravely in the second round of the Davidson cup but lost to Trent 3-1.  Thank you to Andrea Rogers for the amazing match report!

The ball is set in motion and the combined efforts of Henric and Albie prove too much for the Trent defence and an early goal means 1-0 to us!! Gabriel saves, an almighty leap that any ballet dancer would be proud of, Trent gain possession and storm down to make it one all then again to bring the score to 2-1. Harry B is brought on, Gilly and Mr John shout helpful hints to the pumped up Charlton Chargers. Corner by the white stallions, Gabriel saves it once, twice. Faye is constantly in amongst the action, followed closely by Albie and Henric, Faye flicks it away with pure grace and then takes down a Trent player like shes swatting a fly. Am I watching football or rugby,? at times its like watching a flock of birds moving in perfect symmetry.Gus doesn’t shy away from a tackle and frees the ball for George B who is always there in mid field to support either way the ball is going. Change of ends, were fighting the wind, my hot chocolate is blowing in my face. Man down, man down… it’s OK its a Trent player , a period of rolling around, Oscar’s are handed after the premiership worthy dive before play commences again. There’s a lot of shouting, Trent are frustrated that we wont quit! We shoot but its saved by trent, they shoot, 1 time, 2 times its deflected by Gabriel, who seems to jump higher each time. Gilly’s back on, Albie pushes back down the field to the glory spot. Its Faye, George, Gilly. Henric and Gus are holding back the Trent players and   Harry’s in the mix but the Trent boys sneak one in. 3-1. Gus is blue , Gilly is purple, but we are fighting on, Henric is hurt but hes good, nothing can keep the boy down ,George throws in, the whistle blows, the crowd goes wild, high fives all round, Mr John beams, we did ourselves and the schools honour proud, they think it’s all over but now it’s time for the biscuit eating competition, we show no mercy….

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